Best Juicer For Celery Juice [Reviews in 2021]

Best Juicer For Celery Juice
Best Juicer For Celery Juice

Celery has got a lot of health benefits and thus, the doctor often recommends it to people suffering from certain chronic illnesses.

Well, even if you do not have any health complications so far, you may still use it to ensure that you do not get into any disorder further.

Since celery is a hard fruit, it is important to juice it rightly. Most of the juicers that are readily available in the market are usually the ones that make juicing difficult.

This is because those juicers are meant for soft fruits, while celery has got a hard pulp. Keeping all these factors in mind, when you go for purchasing the best juicer for celery juice, make sure that you have done a bit of homework on your end to avail the right pick.

Why should you need a Best juicer for celery juice?

Since celery has grown to be extremely popular in the market, people have become really concerned about choosing the juicer for celery juice. With so many varieties available, choosing just one is a real hassle.

However, it is always advised to stay away from the high-speed juicers when you are planning to juice celery in it. you should also try to avoid the centrifugal juicers for the celery would get clogged in it and you will lack in fetching a great juicing yield.

If you are still banging your head and thinking why you should need a celery juicer separately and just can’t do it away with the regular juicer that you own, here’s the answer to you:

Increases the yield:

Celery comes at a fair price and thus, you would never want to waste it without juicing it completely. However, if you do not have the right juicer, no matter how hard you try, it wouldn’t be possible for you to juice it properly.

In such a case, prefer to buy a juicer for celery juice as it will maximize the yield and will not let you run short of it by any chance.

Reduce wastage:

When it comes to celery, juicing becomes really difficult. However, with the right juicer, you will be able to gain the maximum output. The right juicer will gain the juice till the maximum thereby ensuring that none of the food gets wasted without being juiced till the last.

Squeezing becomes really fast:

When you juice celery, it is quite obvious that you will be able to squeeze the fruit really fast. This automated machine does it for you at a greater speed than what you could have done yourself manually.

Thus, you obtain the yield much early. It is quite effective to serve you when you are in a hurry.

Nutritional value remains:

When you are using the right kind of juicer, you will be able to retain all the nutritional value that remained in your celery fruit. This is really great to fetch all the health benefits that you have brought celery for!

Top Rated 5 Juicers For Celery Juice

Here we have chosen top-rated 5 juicers. So read our reviews and buying guides.

1. Aicok Juicer Centrifugal Juicer Machine

Juicer Centrifugal Juicer Machine Wide 3” Feed Chute Juice Extractor Easy to Clean, Fruit Juicer with Pulse Function and Multi Speed control, Anti-drip , Stainless Steel BPA-Free
This is one of the best juicers for celery juice. The best thing about this machine is that it has a strong motor which had made its customers really satisfied with the product.

It comes with cold press technology along with many other features that are sure to allure your mind. It is absolutely handy, and you will have to face no trouble in accessing this equipment.

You can access it anytime you need and not just that you use it to juice celery, but you can do it to juice leafy vegetables due to its multifunctional feature.


  • It features an 80 RPM motor speed that assures easy grinding of the ingredients. All you need us to pour the items into the feed chute.
  • It retains all the nutrition and enzymes of the celery and none of them get destroyed due to the extra heat and friction.
  • BPA free material to offer you fresh juice
  • It is easy to handle and clean. If cleaning the juicer is a nightmare to you, this product is going to prove the best deal to you.


  • This product is not shipped in India.

2. Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor

Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer Machine, Quiet Motor, Reverse Function, High Nutrient Fruit and Vegetable Juice with Juice Jug & Brush for Cleaning
Are you looking for a masticating juicer that will fulfill your needs? Well, this is the one for you. This is one of the finest appliances in this category and the best thing for which most people prefer it is its accurate mix up of the ingredients.

It doesn’t retain the solid pulp and thus, avoid anything getting stuck to your tongue. It is certainly one of the best deals of the category at such a competitive price. The price is indeed up to the mark and you would love to use it due to its easy accessibility.


  • Less foaming to ensure that you aren’t annoyed by any chance
  • It comprises a quiet motor which means that you do not require to bother about excessive noise and run away from the machine
  • It comes with a reverse function which is certainly great
  • That has got a reverse function
  • The slow masticating feature of this machine separates the juice amazingly from the pulp.
  • The pulp doesn’t get clogged which is yet another good feature of this machine


  • This product isn’t shipped in India and that’s the only con you have with it.

3. Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra 1100W Power

Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra 1100W Power, Easy Clean Extractor Press Centrifugal Juicing Machine, Wide 3" Feed Chute for Whole Fruit Vegetable, Anti-drip, High Quality, Large, Silver
This is one of the best juicers for celery juice. It is simply the best deal you can expect at this price. So, if you are planning to purchase a juicer any time soon, go for this appliance and trust me, it works really great.

The customers who have been using this so far say that it works just as expected or maybe even better than that. The foam separator of this machine is wonderful. It won’t annoy you by any chance.

Not just that you are bound to use it for juicing celery, but at the same time, you can use it to juice green leafy veggies or anything other than that.


  • It sustains all the flavor and nutrients of your celery or any other food that you place in it.
  • It has a super-efficient pulp ejector which ejects the pulp wonderfully from the fruit
  • That is absolutely easy to assemble
  • The motor is powerful yet doesn’t create too much noise.
  • The reverse function of this appliance gives you a greater yield
  • It is high quality and made of BPA free material
  • It features an anti-drip feature


  • No such

4. Hamilton Beach 67801 Health Smart Juice Extractor

Hamilton Beach HealthSmart Juicer Machine, 2.4” Feed Chute, Centrifugal Extractor, Easy to Clean, BPA Free, 400W, Black (67801)
The reason for which we have put this Hamilton Beach 67801 Health Smart Juice Extractor in the list of the juicer for celery juice since it consists of all the features that you would probably look for, in a juicer.

Customers who have originally purchased it to juice celery say that they can comfortably use it to juice greens and other fruits too. It is thus, gaining great popularity in the market, and people who have been using it so far, seem to be contented with its performance.

It is a great machine to company your breakfast menu and give you a perfect juice, the way you prefer it to be!


  • This celery juicer does not make any sound. Particularly, if you are an early riser and prefer to start your day with a glass of juice, you need not worry since this appliance works just awesome and won’t wake up the other people still in bed.
  • It is made of BPA free material which is safe enough for consumption
  • The cold press technology is just apt to give you the maximum yield
  • Powerful 400-watt motor
  • Comes with an easy to remove pulp bin
  • It is affordable
  • It is shipped to India as well


  • No such

5. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Juicer Machines, Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Easy to Clean, Quiet Motor & Reverse Function, BPA-Free, Cold Press Juicer with Brush, Juice Recipes for Vegetables and Fruits
Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is by far, juicer for celery juice. It makes your juicing procedure absolutely hassle-free. You need not worry about thinking of a sophisticated working module of the juicer and bang your head to adapt to its functionality.

This model is easily accessible, and it ensures proper functioning in just no time. All you need is to put the fruit into the container and fix it to the juicer after you have locked the lid tightly. Once done, just switch it on and you are done.


  • It comes with a cold press technology that ensures the maximum yield of the juice.
  • It features dishwasher safe parts that make your cleaning super easy and hassle-free
  • You even get a cleaning brush attached to your appliance
  • It comes with an 80 RPM motor that is good enough as a power supply to juice the fruits to the maximum.
  • The auger is great.
  • Easy to assemble and easy to clean


  • No such.

6. Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer Machine Extractor

Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer Machine Extractor with Slow Cold Press Masticating Squeezer Mechanism Technology, 3 inch Chute accepts Whole Fruits and Vegetables, Easy Clean, Large
Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer Machine Extractor is certainly the juicer for celery juice into this category. It is extremely popular because of its efficiency.

One of the biggest reasons for which a lot of users actually recommend this product is due to its effective juicing that retains the vitamins and nutrients in the fruit as well.

It retains all the health values of the fruit without lowering its nutritional value by any chance.


  • Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer Machine Extractor comes with a 60 dB sound production motor which is quite decent
  • It is made of BPA free material
  • It features a dual-edge auger with strong fit tolerance strains
  • That squeezes the celery quite gently so that the health benefits remain
  • It comes with an anti-locking mechanism that ensures that you cannot start the juicer without locking the lid tightly to the container
  • The auto pulp ejection mechanism of the juicer makes sure that you need not empty the bin again and again


  • Not shipped to India

7. Homever Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Juicer Machines, Homever Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Easy to Clean, Cold Press Juicer for All Fruit and Vegetable,BPA-Free, Quiet Motor and Reverse Function with Juice Jug & Brush, Silver
Are you worried about your kid’s health and do not want to use any material that would harm it by any chance, However, Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor would be a must-have for you. It is one of the best products available in the category.

Customers say that it is super easy to use and assemble. Also, it features easy cleaning.


  • 80 RPM motor
  • Comes with an improved spiral system
  • Prevents overheating and oxidation
  • The filter has fine holes to squeeze out the juice
  • The reverse function button makes sure that the pulp doesn’t get clogged in the juicer and it is easy to clean


  • A little expensive deal
  • Does not ship to India

How to Choose the juicer for celery juice?

Prior to your purchase, it is important that you do a bit of research on your end so that you are able to find out the right deal for yourself. Choosing a juicer can be real daunting if you do not have any prior idea about it. In order to ensure that you make the right choice, here are a few things to look at:

Decide the model:

If you have a particular preference for any model, you are always welcome to make the choice. Search online and go through the specifications to make sure whether or not it meets your requirements.


Based on how frequently you would be using the juicer, figure out the size of the container that you would need. Select the size of the bin depending on whether you want the entire family to drink it for breakfast or you alone would be juicing it out.

Purchasing one with a bigger container will always be a better deal anyway! You never know when you have guests at home, and you require serving them too.

Working module:

Make up your mind whether you need a centrifugal juicer or a masticating one. Based on which one of them would you actually require, make the pick. When you are juicing out celery, it is usually recommended to go for a masticating juicer instead of a centrifugal model.


Another important factor to note is the storage bin. Yeah, this is somewhat similar to the size that you are looking for!


Note the RPM that is already mentioned on the product. Go through it well prior to the purchase.

Buying Guide of a juicer for celery juice

When you are going for a celery juicer, it is always important to make a decision that abides by your requirements. If you are still confused about which particular product to choose among the many available in the market, note the following factors:

Decide the juicer type:

Since you are looking for a particular type of juicer to juice for celery, it would be ideal to go for a masticating juicer that will juice the celery to the last extent. Go for a model that will fit your requirements and meet your demand right.

Ease of use:

Go for a juicer that is absolutely easy to use. There are a variety of juicers available in the market. We will probably never want to go for one that gives you a lot of trouble in handling. It is always the best option to pick a juicer that is easy to access as well as meets your requirements at the same time.

A multifunction juicer:

Do you want to use your juicer particularly for juicing celery? Well, if you want to try out making sorbets, peanut,s and other items too, trust on this juicer. This works really great to serve all your purposes at ease.

It’s good that you keep it only to juice your celery but in case you need to juice some other thing, you do not need to purchase a juicer once again.


Price is a significant component to decide which particular model to purchase. It is certainly a tough decision to make. With more features, the ticket size gets bigger. However, there’s no point in breaking the bank for just no reason.

User Guide Of a Juicer For Celery Juice

Purchasing the best juicer for celery juice is indeed a daunting task. It gets really tough to make out which particular deal to choose and even after you have done that, you need to understand its usage properly.

  • Gather all the ingredients that you need and collect them together in a single tub.
  • Now, you need to peel the skin of the celery.
  • Take out its pit.
  • Now, chop the celery into smaller pieces.
  • Put the ingredients together into the juicer and fix it in the middle of the juicer.
  • Blend it well.
  • Take the juice out, serve it in glasses, and you are done!

Top features Of a juicer for celery juice

If you are still bothered about which particular juicer to purchase, you need to make out the specifications that are a compulsion for your purchase.

Easy to access and assemble:

While purchasing a juicer, you should be able to use it easily. Do not go for complex equipment as that would remain nowhere other than at some corner of your jiffy. You must get a gadget that is handy and simple at the same time.

Size of the feed:

It is quite obvious that you will hate emptying the bin of the juicer again and again. Go for a feed that has an adequate size. Decide whether you need one with a bigger container or a smaller one based on the number of people you have at home.

Why Did We recommend Those juicers for celery juice?

Looking around in the market, you will find a wide range of juicers. Now the biggest question among them is to decide which particular model to pick. We have prepared this list comprising of the best juicers for celery juice by counting the customer previews and having a check on the customer preferences for juicing celery.

When you have so many products of a similar kind, you get really confused about which juicer to go for! In that context, it is quite obvious that you will look for the best of the deals in the category.

All our products are budget-friendly and we have considered all the customer preferences while preparing this list.

I hope it proves to be really helpful for you!

Why You Should Buy juicer for celery juice From Amazon

When it comes to purchasing any home appliance or gadget, we are more likely to visit online websites to find that product. This happens mostly because our reliability towards e-commerce platforms has increased rapidly over the years.

Nowadays, we do not want to move out of our home on our off days and get a purchase done. It’s rather better to purchase a product from e-commerce sites only.

Amazon is thus, considered the best of the lot. It lets you look at a variety of products under the same category and helps you compare the prices along with their individual specifications.

Hence, it becomes really easy for you to get through the products and finalize your requirements.

Once you are sure of the product, place the order and the item will be delivered to you at your respective location. You need not worry about bringing the product to your home any further.

It will reach you on time and the e-commerce platform will take care of all the logistic issues.


These above-listed products are amazing and all the customers who have so far used these products seem to be really satisfied with them. They love the way they have liked the items and their functionalities.

These products are reviewing by Amazon and the customers who have had experience with the appliances have given their valuable feedback about the same.


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