Best Commercial Cold Press Juicer

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Best Commercial Cold Press Juicer
Best Commercial Cold Press Juicer

The commercial cold-pressed juicer is a rising business after the awareness regarding the minerals, vitamins, and protein has increased in society.

Though cold-pressed juice techniques have been followed since old ages, the cold-pressed juicers became most famously known since 2013. Since then, cold-pressed juice commercial spots have gained prominence in society.

The commercial cold-press juicer should be a masticating juicer, and should have the following things:

  1. Easily assembled and disassembled parts.
  2. Must have a lesser size of the parts.
  3. Should be perfectly placed, saving the space for the little fingers.
  4. The commercial juicer low-speed, reverse function, chute, and high-quality jug.

Why You Should Need A Best Commercial Cold Press Juicer

Here is why you need a best commercial cold-press juicer for a cold-press juice shop:

1. Higher-yield:

A press-cold juicer should be high-quality as you will need to save a lot in your business. So, ounce per ounce juice would be extracted from the fruits or vegetables.

2. Easy and Quick Production of Juices:

The juicer should be easy to understand. Any manual or complicated juicer can take a lot of time to complete the orders. So, you need the best commercial juicer that produces juices quickly.

3. Profitability:

If you have a good press-cold juicer, you will be able to drive your business towards the utmost success with higher-yield, higher profits, and higher savings.

4. Easy Cleaning:

The juicer should have brushes and tools so that juicers can be cleaned with the most convenience. The commercial cold-press juicer should have easy assembling, disassembly and convenient brushes.

5. Easy to Operate:

The best commercial cold-press juicer should be easy to operate, so any other person on hire will be able to operate the juicer easily and quickly.

6. Should Have Good Parts:

The juicer must have a large pulp container so that you do not have to empty it every other minute. Keep profiting with a large container and lots of order completion.

Top 5 Commercial Cold Press Juicers Review

1) Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer

This is one of the finest options available online on Amazon.Com, which will prove to be the best machine for your business online. This is ultra and highly rated masticating juicer, which squeezes every inch of the juice of the fruit and vegetable.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of the Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer:

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  • It is a slow-masticating juicer, which cold-press the whole fruits and vegetables. Thus, your cold-press juice will retain higher nutritional value for your customers.
  • The Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer has a large feed chute, which means that you get rid of cutting, peeling or dicing the vegetables or the fruits completely.
  • The ultra-juicer produces higher drier pulp, which means that it yields higher juice per ounce. You always attain success with the higher-yielding juicer.
  • The juicer has been designed to operate with utmost safety and convenience. So, all of your workers would find it extremely easy to operate.


  • It can be costly for you to buy.

2) Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer

Aaobosi is a renowned and respectable appliances company, which produces only high-quality, durable and exceptionally-constructed juicers.

With its quite motor, reverse function, and slow masticating juicer extractor, your team can work without disturbing the customers.

Read the following Pros and Cons of the products, and then decide for yourself:

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  • It is a slow-masticating juicer, which ensures that your customers gain the best of benefits from your juices and return 100% to your restaurant.
  • It has a small and safer feeder for the chute, which makes it extremely lucrative for the businesses because workers will remain safer from any damage. This quality of a juicer will also prevent oxidation.
  • The juicer has a quite motor, which ensures smoother and silent working in your juice shop. It saves your workers and customers from unwanted nuisance.
  • It is the best auger for the masticating juicers with 7 upgrade spiral masticating system.
  • Easy Cleaning: The juicer machine can be cleaned with exceptional convenience with the help of brushes and tools, and can easily be assembled and disassembled.


  • This can be an expensive deal for you. You can check other juicers at the same price for your business.

3) AMZCHEF Slow-Speed Masticating Juicer

With its low decibel motor, you can enjoy juicing quietly and pleasantly. AMZCHEF has exceptional features such as quite motor, cold-press juicer, vertical reverse function, big feed chute and BPA-Free parts.

This juicer is strongly recommended for you to buy:

Here are some of the best pros and few cons of this slow-speed masticating juicer:

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  • It is the best slow-masticating juicer, which retains the higher nutritional value in the juice, keeping enzymes, vitamins and the nutrients alive in the juice.
  • This machine has a practical function, which means that it prevents the clogging in the juicer machine. The unclogging factor makes this machine very convenient to use.
  • AMZChef has 0.22 mm filter, which means that it efficiently separates the pulp from the juice of the fruits or vegetables.
  • It has a food-grade quality, making the juicer one of the best juicer kitchen appliances in the food market.
  • With its convenient brushes, easy assembling and disassembling, the AMZChef can be cleaned most effectively.


  • You may find it a bit expensive for your business. You will need to keep savings in order to buy this masticating slow-speed AMZChef juicer.

4) AMZChef Slow-Speed Juicer

This is an extremely professional slow-speed juicer extractor, which efficiently juices every inch of the fruit and the vegetable.

This efficient model of the AMZChef yields a higher percentage of the juice and the nutrients in the juice, giving you a healthful boost in your juice.

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  • It is one of the most efficient slow-speed juicer – ideal for your business with its 7-speed spiral masticating system. That yields a higher percentage of the juices and the nutrients.
  • It has a small feeder for the chute, preventing any damage to the workers or you. The small chute also prevents oxidation in the juice. So, you get the higher nutritional value, higher yield, and the minimal oxidation.
  • This extremely convenient juicer runs on the slow speed of 6 dB. So, you can juice anything when your children or the entire family may be sleeping.
  • With pressing of one button, you can conveniently disassemble the machine as well as assemble very conveniently after the cleaning.
  • The juicer has extremely good warranty and the customer support available. You can buy the juicer as a good investment on your part.


  • You may not prefer its white body, as it can get dirtier with a short period of time.
  • You may not like it horizontal space-occupying design.

5) Homever Juicer Machine

Homever is a respectable, renowned and most famous juicer machine, which efficiently allows you to rise in your business with savings and less expenditure.

If your juicer machine yields higher juice from a small amount of fruits and vegetables, you are already saving a good chunk of money.

So, you should make a smart investment by purchasing the high-quality However Juicer Machine:

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  • Homever is a slow-speed masticating juicer, which retains minerals, vitamins and the nutrients in the juice, preventing heat and oxidation in the juice with utmost efficiency.
  • With slow-speed of 80 RPM, seven spiral masticating system and the slow-speed extraction of the juice, so you can expect 90% nutrients in the juice.
  • It has a safety lock system, so nobody can take advantage of your stored fruits and vegetables, effectively keeping a lot of your savings.
  • It is a multi-purpose juicer, which does not only juice greens, vegetables and fruits but also wheatgrass. Just, you can expect your business to grow threefold.
  • You can easily clean, assemble and disassemble the machine with great convenience.


  • You may find its horizontal design very impractical. But if you have a large countertop, this lacking can be overcome very effectively.

How To Choose A Best Commercial Cold Press Juicer

The best commercial cold-press juicer should have the following features:

1. Size:

The size of the commercial cold-press juicer should be small and compact so that it occupies little space on your countertop.

2. Easy Assembly and Disassembly:

In order to easily clean the juicer after producing lots of drinks, the commercial juicer should be easily assembled and disassembled. It saves a lot of time.

3. Large Container for the Pulp:

The container should be large enough to contain pulp of 1 KG to 4 KG fruits or vegetables, so that you do not have to clean the container every now and then.

4. Chute:

The best commercial cold-press juicer should have a chute so that you do not have to cut, dice and peel the fruits or vegetables.

5. Speed:

You should always check the speed of the cold-pressed juicer. The juicer must have slow-speed to contain the minerals, vitamins and nutrients in it.

6. High-Quality and BPA Free Parts:

Best commercial juicer should have food grade, high-quality and BPA-Free parts, so that you get very healthy juices rich in nutrients.
7. Blades:

The blades of the commercial juicer should be perfectly placed, so that it does not harm any of your workers.

Top Features Of A Best Commercial Cold Press Juicer

The best commercial cold-press juicer should have following features:

1. Slow-Speed Masticating Juicer:

The best cold-pressed commercial juicer should be a masticating juicer, which produces the juice out of the fruits or vegetables, rich in nutrients and vitamins.

2. 80 RPM Speed Per Minute:

The masticating juicer should have 80 RPM speed per minute so that you are served the most healthful and rich in nutrients juice. Thus, juices will be produced that will be highly loved and liked by your regular customers.

3. Easy Cleaning:

The best cold-pressed juicer should have easily disassembled and assembled parts, so the juicer would be cleaned easily.

4. Reverse Function:

In order to unclog the juicer, the masticating juicer should have a reverse function.

5. Pulp Container:

For an exceptionally successful cold-press juice business, you need to buy a commercial juicer that has large pulp container.

6. Size:

You should not buy a juicer that occupies large space on the countertop. To use the space of your shop smartly, you should choose small size of the juicer.

7. Filters and Strainer:

The juicer should have perfect filters and strainers, so the pulp, seed and skin can be separated from the juice very efficiently.

Buying Guides Of A Best Commercial Cold Press Juicer

If you have a commercial business of the cold-pressed juices, you need to be very careful and cautious while buying the best cold-press juicer. Here is what you must consider before buying a cold-press juicer for your business:

  • Higher Quality Juicer: You should buy the best-quality juicer from the credible and highly renowned juicer company only.
  • Warranty of the Juicer: If you are paying a good chunk of amount on the juicer, you need to have a good warranty for the juicer to protect your investment in case the product is found faulty.
  • Volume vs Time: One of the most important things to consider is volume produced vs. time required. So, check the speed and the yield of the juicer. So, if you have a small business and get a lot of time for the preparation, a slow-speed juicer with lower production level will suit you. If you have a large and famous business, then you will need a fast and higher-yielding business. But you cannot compromise on the quality of the juicer.
  • Customer Support and Parts Availability: You check the customer support of the company if you are spending a good amount of dollars on the cold-press juicer. If it breaks, you should be confident that it can be repaired.


Cold-press juicer commercial business is very lucrative; cold-press juice is very famous nowadays among the avid juice lovers. So, you need to buy a high-quality and durable juicer so that it can last you longer.

You need to consider various elements while buying the best juicer for your business such as volume produced vs. time required, customer support and parts availability, quality of the product and thorough inspection of the juicers market.

After good research and examination of the juicers market, you should be able to buy the best juicer for your new startup or the nicely-established, running and successful business.


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